07 Feb 2014

How to Get Organized with the SPACE Principle

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Getting Organized can be Easier than you Think

Many people have asked me “How do I start to get organized?”  As a professional organizer I share these simple steps called Space.  Having someone help you is key to finishing any project.  Getting organized can be as simple as making a phone call, this can save time giving you peace of mind and completing a project.  Choose to be clutter free.  The following is the SPACE principle that professional organizer use to help people create order in their life.

Step 1: S Sort (categorize what you are organizing)

Step 2: P Purge (get rid of stuff you don’t use)

Step 3: A Assign a location (put things back closest to the place that they are used)

Step 4: C Containerize (Find the appropriate way to contain what you’re storing)

Step 5: E Equalize (maintain what you did)

(by Julie Morgenstern of Organizing from the Inside Out)