07 Feb 2014

Everything has a Place

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Find a Temporary Home for Spare Parts and Unknown Pieces:

One day or another we all find a part, screw, or who knows what that we’re hesitant to throw out because we don’t know what it belongs to. To create a home for this collection, label a box for the “Spare Parts & Unknown Pieces.”

Then toss an unknown piece into this box until you can determine whether you need it or not.
As you collect miscellaneous spare parts, toss them in this box as well. For example, a vacuum cleaner usually comes with a spare belt. Before tossing it in the box, label the belt indicating which vacuum cleaner it belongs to. Additionally, we all have some of those yellow square vinyl patches that come with new inflatable items. But if you’re like most people, you don’t know what to do with them. The solution: simply toss the yellow patch into this box.