Raving Fans

The after photos of my pantry doesn’t do it justice! I can see all of the cans I didn’t know I have and I can get to all my spices. Patty is amazing I highly recommend her for all those Bucket list dreams of organization. First Step Organizing is making my organizing dreams come true.


Oh my, we have wood floors in here! Thank you so much for restoring order to my work area.


The work that gets done in such a short amount of time is astonishing. First Step Organizing made our family life so functional.


Patty was a delight to work with. She created spaces that I didn’t even know I had. I have a whole new appreciation for vertical space.


I have always thought ” I will do it” but then I don’t. I hired first step organizing to do one area. I was so impressed with how big of a difference they made. Now they had done other spaces in my home. I am getting organized one space at a time.

Tonya Walsh

First Step Organizing is the best solution for getting your home and/or office back in order! Call Patty – she is wonderful at assessing your needs.