No job is too big or too small …

Take the first step to an organized you! First Step Organizing can organize and de-clutter all your home and business areas with compassion and care. While working together, First Step Organizing will look for opportunities to teach and implement techniques that work for you – Creating functional, stress-free spaces.

Is clutter making you stressed, overwhelmed & confused? Can’t find anything or the time to clean it up? First Step Organizing can help create a stress free area. First Step Organizing never judges and will always have integrity, respect, honesty and confidentiality with every client. We can de-clutter and organize your garage, closets, kitchen, pantry, office, bathrooms, kids rooms, etc. – creating workable spaces.
Less Clutter = more space, less stress, more time.

Questions from First Step Organizing:

1) What area gives you the most stress?  Why?
2) What things do you lose track of easily?
3) Where do you put extra stuff that does not have a home?
4) Where do you stack things and why do they accumulate there?
5) What systems have you tried in the past?  What did you like and dislike about it.
6)  What is your goal for this project?
7)  Do you have a budget?

Give First Step Organizing an example of how your areas function and which areas you want changed. I will share one or two ways that First Step Organizing can help. Once we decide to work together, a full action plan can be given.